About Klikeraj NGO

Klikeraj (a play of marbles) is a NGO founded in April 2014. in Osijek, Croatia. We are a team of psychologists and educators gathered around the idea of enriched and supportive environment for development of children’s potentials. In order to achieve that we took several directions: inventing and designing didactic resources, creating developmental programs for children, educating the educators and partnerships with schools in gifted education. Alongside that our team is active in research, counseling and public advocacy for gifted and talented youth.

Klikeraj NGO has been a member of European Talent Support Network since 2016.


One of our main activities is education: lectures, trainings, seminars and workshops assigned for educators from different levels of educational practice. Our efforts are directed towards development of competencies of schools in gifted education.  We are focused on different themes from both cognitive and socioemotional development of children with high abilities: Fostering Creativity and Didactic Play, Identification of Giftedness in Schools, Emotional Development of Gifted Students, Organizational Approaches in Gifted Education are examples of our educational programs.

Developmental programs

As reflected in our mission and vision our intention is to provide enriched and supportive environment for children. Different opportunities for learning and gathering experiences broadens the minds of the young. Therefore we designed developmental programs for kids focused on fostering creativity (I Have an Idea!) and fostering emotional competencies and social skills (Anchor).


Our team continuously  carries out institutional and extrainstitutional projects in gifted education by collaboration and partnership with schools and other educational institutions.

Counseling and Support Center

In 2019. we established a Counseling Center Sidro (Anchor) for gifted children and their families. Gifted children often have specific personal and socioemotional development caused by asynchrony and emotional intesity. This results in specific developmental needs, socialization issues and distracting behaviors. Here children and parents can find psychological and social support, advice or counseling for specific developmental and educational needs.

Contact us

For any information or questions please contact us.
E-mail: klikeraj@gmail.com